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Nov. 12, 2021 - Our first days back in Africa

We arrived in Nairobi, Kenya and stayed a few days in quarantine before flying to Kigali, Rwanda. Once in Kigali, we met with Edward Makara, the gentleman who came to the filter course at Adamah in 2019 and who Bethel Lutheran church sponsored to attend the course.

With Edward at Kigali airport

We are staying at a Rwandan home in a rural neighborhood. They hired a woman to cook meals for us at home.

Prepared breakfast
Common cooks stoves made from clay

In the first 2 days of our visit, we visited the filter factory site and planned how to build a kiln for them. The kiln may fire with wood or with dried corn cobs. The bricks that we will use to build the kiln were made a few miles from the site.

We went shopping at the local market for tools and such and I took a picture of a public handwashing station as well as commonly sold ceramic cook stoves that use charcoal.

Public hand washing station
Edward's filter production site near Kigali

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