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Nov 15, 2021 - The kiln is half built

As of today, November 15, the test kiln is half built. The community gathers each day to see our kiln building project and many people come to help. We have English speaking interpreters, a mason, a welder and many young men to carry sand, water and bricks.

Before the end of our visit we also have the goal of finding Edward the best clay recipe for making filters. Edward had collected 8 clay samples from around the area along with sawdust and ground corn cobs as potential burnout material. Michael Schael made many test bars from combinations of different clays and burnout materials. Once the bars are fired in the electric test kiln that Steve Smith made and brought to Rwanda, the bars will be tested for absorbency, shrinkage and brittleness. The best tests will represent the filter recipes that Edward will use.

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