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(2022 Course Location TBD)

Potters for Peace, in partnership with educational specialists at the Center for Affordable Water & Sanitation Technology (CAWST), is offering a two-week ceramic water filter course. By the end of the training participants will be able to demonstrate what is involved in high quality ceramic filter production and explain what is involved in starting and maintaining a successful filter factory.


The course will be offered in English.

Tuition will be determined based on location.

Participants are responsible for their own airfare.

Scholarships may be available.


This course is designed to:

  • Train and support existing factory owners

  • Attract and guide new ceramic filter factory startups

  • Promote collaboration and communication between members of the filter community

  • Improve filter quality on a global scale, thus helping to reduce the global burden of diarrheal disease


The following is an abbreviated list of topics to be covered in the course:


  • HWTS (Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage)

    • How water is contaminated

    • Pathogens and water related diseases

    • The multi-barrier approach

    • Point of use water treatment options

  • Product: Details of Ceramic Filter Production

    • How to make a ceramic pot filter

    • How ceramic pot filters remove pathogens

    • Raw material processing

    • Burn out material selection

    • Clay selection

    • Formulating a filter recipe

    • Record keeping

    • Filter forming, finishing and Identifiers

    • Machinery overview

    • Kiln Drying

    • Kiln stacking and firing

    • Quality control

    • Microbiological testing

    • Silver application

    • Packaging and loading

    • Trouble shooting

    • Health and safety

  • Safe Storage Selection

    • Selecting a receptacle and tap

  • Distribution and the Supply Chain

  • Education

    • Use and maintenance of the filter

  • Starting a Factory

    • Business models

  • Cost Management

    • Start-up costs

    • Start-up financing options

    • Operating costs

  • Running a Filter Business

    • Business models

    • Marketing

    • Sales models

  • Evaluation

  • Cross Cutting Themes: Safety/ Production records/Quality control



For registration, payment, course content and scholarship information, please contact:

Jennifer Mally,

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